Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Day for Life

I have decided to post on the results from yesterday. With our president-elect, we have a guy who is for the Freedom of Choice Act (something that I've found even "dedicated supporters" of his didn't know until 2 weeks ago) and against emergency care for infants who survive abortions. We know this is not good, and everyone should go ahead and write a letter now to oppose the adoption of FOCA.

However, there were other items yesterday that also do not bode well. Washington passed Initiative 1000, which is an assisted-suicide law. Michigan adopted Proposition 2, which provides for a large expansion of embryonic stem-cell use. I know what some may be thinking. "It's Washington. What more do you expect from left coast whackjobs who thought that hiring Ty Willingham was a good idea?" Or perhaps, "It's Michigan. They hired Matt Millen as a GM. Isn't Kwame Kilpatrick from there?"

These are both true. That aside, the passage of these laws by a vote of the electorate, rather than by representative or judicial fiat are troubling for deeper reasons. I'm still putting my thoughts together about it. Full post forthcoming.

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Sign the petition to fight FOCA at