Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bishop Trautman Attempts to Insert Pelagianism Into the Liturgy

Fr. Zuhlsdorf has the story over at WDTPRS.

For those who don't know him, Bishop Trautman has earned the nickname Bishop Trautperson for his efforts to mutilate the liturgy with inclusive language. He's also famous for thinking that we're all idiots, as was discussed here.

Anyways, Fr. Zuhlsdorf relates some events from the USCCB on the translations for our liturgical texts. Bishop Trautman requested that the prayer be changed from "cleanse from vices" be changed to "help to cleanse us of vices." In the midst of the initial passage of this item, Cardinal George stated the truth that "This is Pelagian."

Pelagianism is the idea that we get to heaven on our own efforts rather than by means of a supernatural grace from God. Grace, of course, is gratuitous and cannot be earned by human efforts. By saying that God merely "helps" cleanse us from our vices, Bishop Trautman is clearly claiming that we are able to cleanse ourselves and maybe just need a little assist from the Almighty with doing so. This is an impossibility and, as Cardinal George said, heretical.

Luckily, the final product doesn't seem to have had this crap item included. Still, it's a bit disturbing to see this kind of thing seriously considered.

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