Saturday, November 29, 2008

Re: the Hate

A question oft-posed by my comrade Karl has occurred to me.

How long until Catholicism is regarded as a hate crime? It is part of the very essence of Truth to be wholly intolerant to falsehood. The Church cannot accommodate the errors of modernity and subjective morality. Therefore, it condemns them.

How long until we are told that such intolerance will no longer be tolerated? Maybe never, I suppose. The scene below, FOCA, the plight of Catholic health care providers refusing to provide contraceptive services, etc. seem to indicate that it's at least a possibility.


Its me said...

I can understand not dispensing birth control. But refusing to transfer a prescription elsewhere, I feel is wrong. I mean, if that were me, it would cause me MAJOR medical issues because I am on birth control pills for medical reasons not for birth control reasons. If a pharmacist was not going to sell the pills, fine, but they should not prevent me from taking the prescription they have elsewhere if I need the medication whether they agree with the medication or not. That, I believe, is where they are taking it too far.

Throwback said...

I know several women who are on birth control pills for a variety of reasons, ranging from PCOS to more serious stuff. My question is more of where the lines get drawn in this situation and who is drawing them. The Church is rapidly getting painted into a corner, it seems, and nobody seems to care. Consider also that the most recent Supreme Court nominations including very specific remarks being made about Roberts's and Alito's religious beliefs, causing some to wonder if the Court process was quickly becoming "Catholics need not apply."

It is all very troubling to me, but I admit that I could be overreacting.

Thank you very much for your comment. Please continue to stop by and let us know your thoughts.