Sunday, November 23, 2008

Challenge: Have Sex for Seven Consecutive Days

That's the gauntlet that's been thrown down by Ed Young, a Dallas mega-church preacher, to his congregation. For some reason, this report is in the Boston Herald.

Young, 47, said he believes society promotes promiscuity and he wants to reclaim sex for married couples. Sex should be a nurturing, spiritual act that strengthens marriages, he said.

A hearty "Amen!" to Mr. Young. I've said many times that no religion promotes sex as much as the Catholic Church. We just don't want folks corrupting it with chemical or other artificial garbage so as to negate the fruitfulness of the act.

I would like to see a bishop do something like this. Really. I don't see it as scandalous, and I don't think he should put some sort of set timeframe in place, but married couples should really get a full lesson on the Church's teachings about sex. I think a message that starts with an encouragement to practice the "nuptial embrace" regularly would be a good start.

On the down side:

Young said he will deliver his seven-day sex challenge while sitting on a bed in front of his Dallas-area church campus.

I can do without the ooginess of having the guy deliver the message whilst seated on his bed.

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Karl said...

7 days in a row? Ouch my aching back!