Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Speaking of Catholics Making Stuff Up

This heretic in Australia is really taking the cake right now. It's a one-way train to ShelbySpong-ville with non-stop service. We should really pray for these parishioners. Per The Australian:

On the line for parishioners of St Mary's and several other parishes in Queensland and NSW are fundamental church doctrines such as who can celebrate Mass, whether Jesus Christ was God, whether Mary had as many as six children, the bodily Resurrection, and the need for sacramental celebrations for same-sex marriages.

In a booklet being sold for $20, a NSW priest, Peter Dresser of Coonamble in the Diocese of Bathurst, insists Jesus was not God and did not think he was God.

In God is Big. Real Big! Father Dresser -- who prefers to be known as Peter -- says: "This whole matter regarding Jesus being God ... not only does violence to my own intelligence, but must be a sticking point for millions of people trying to make some kind of sense of the Christian religion ... No human being can ever be God, and Jesus was a human being. It is as simple as that."

Pete, if anything does violence to intelligence, it's the asinine title of that booklet. Good job with that stuff on God not being able to be human. Why hadn't anybody else thought of this? Oh wait. . . maybe I have heard something similar before.

Recently, the priests at St Mary's -- Peter Kennedy and Terry Fitzpatrick -- also canvassed the idea of Catholics celebrating the Eucharist in their homes, without a priest.

Of course, if you're view of the Eucharist is this:

"The community of believers would call forth one of its members to preside at this memorial service. This person could be either man or woman, married or single ... with no special designation except being chosen or called forth to leadership by the community."

Then why would you need a priest? Priests offer sacrifices. It's who they are. It's what they do. If there's no sacrifice, then of course any random shmoe could do it.

But none of this really touches on the biggest issue here. As was pointed out by a colleague on Steve Ray's board, this guy has apparently been doing invalid baptisms. Check this out. Recall that Rome has ruled that screwing up the baptismal formula invalidates the whole thing, meaning you have to do it all over again the right way.

Is this guy in Pell's jurisdiction? I'm assuming not or else he would have been excommed long ago. Somebody needs to stop him. It's time for Cardinal Levada to earn his paycheck.

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