Monday, November 24, 2008

Quas Primas is Almost TOO Awesome

Yesterday was the Feast of Christ the King, which was established by Pope Pius XI back in 1925. Used to, it was on the last Sunday in October, an appropriate counter to the Protestant celebration of Reformation Sunday. We have since moved it to the Sunday before Advent.

Here's the problem. I've re-read it several times in an effort to post about it. I can't. I wouldn't do it justice and would wind up just posting the whole thing and telling you to read it for yourself.

I'm going to come up with something, or maybe even a series of somethings. The Social Kingship of Christ is a concept very foreign to a lot of folks these days. (Note: I seem to say "these days" a lot.) The whole encyclical is brimming over with goodies that I'd like to talk about. I just need to figure on it a bit more.

In the interim, here it is. Read, enjoy.

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