Saturday, November 22, 2008

Planned Parenthood Ducks and Covers

Or at least tries to.

Per LifeNews, Cardinal O'Malley of Boston was audacious enough to lack hope in our President-elect, not to mention re-visiting the reprehensible ideas that gave rise to Planned Parenthood:

"My joy, however, is tempered by the knowledge that this man has a deplorable record when it comes to pro-life issues and is possibly in the pocket of Planned Parenthood," O'Malley said.
The Catholic cardinal told the newspaper that Planned Parenthood "in its origins was a very racist organization to eliminate the blacks" and "it’s sort of ironic that he’s been co-opted by them."

Of course, PP isn't going to take this sort of talk lying down. If most folks knew that Sanger's vision was driven by eugenics and the general idea that blacks are inferior, political clout might suffer. At least, I hope it would.

The response from the CEO was the typical crap about how guys like His Eminence are "out of step" and how Catholics "overwhelmingly" (cough, cough, BS, cough) support PP services. Most interesting, though:

She didn't respond to the racism contention but claimed O'Malley's views don't represent those of Boston Catholics.

Coward. The fact that your evil activities are fed by one foul disposition rather than another is quite irrelevant, so why cower from these facts? You know the Cardinal's words are true, Ms. Luby. I'll admit it would be a bit awkward to concede that your entire corrupt enterprise was spawned from the same hellish mind as the Final Solution, but at least then you wouldn't come off as utterly gutless.

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