Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ND Has Sued Over The HHS Mandate

News came out yesterday. There's been a good bit of exultation over this among alums. I'm not entirely sure why. This reminds me of an old Chris Rock routine (WARNING: HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE AT THE LINK) where he chastises people for trying to be praised for stuff they are naturally SUPPOSED to do.

Fr. Jenkins, of course, hasn't apologized for the damage wrought by his previous poor decision making. That being said, his statement on the lawsuit is a remarkable about-face from the "secular common good" nonsense that he was spewing in his intro for the President. Maybe he even believes it (even though he appears to make contraception out to be a matter of conscience than a mortal sin; the statement would have been fine without such commentary). For me, though, this isn't something that deserves praise any more than a guy not going to jail or taking care of his kids.

If Fr. Jenkins opts for the Henry II route of penance for his prior actions, then perhaps there might be a reason for some kudos.

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