Saturday, May 12, 2012

Re: Lord Of The Dance

I wouldn't have thought this post necessary, but my recent experience at a funeral suggests otherwise. Please heed the following items, as they are not controversial in the least. Rather, they are statements of absolute, irrefutable fact.

1.    Lord of the Dance is one of the worst songs ever written.

2.    When we say this, we are not limiting "songs ever written" to merely those of the Christian bent. It is one of the worst songs of all the songs of any genre of any time period in the history of the world.

3.    It's worst-ness is exacerbated by several orders of magnitude when it is performed at a Catholic funeral as the coffin departs the church for transport to the burial site.

I daresay that not having this song performed at my own funeral is a greater reason to draw up a last will and testament than having an appropriate division of my property.

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