Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Just Freaking Can't Make This Up

Hans Kung- Sedevacantist

It's like something from a Catholic version of The Onion or The Weekly World News. It's actually from Rorate, and it probably means that Kung's absurdity has reached it's pinnacle. Other than streaking down the road and claiming to be Napoleon or something, I can't see him topping this one. Let's take a look at this latest bit of bad comedy:

The pope would be including in the Church bishops and priests that are definitely invalidly ordained. According to the Apostolic Constitution of Pope Paul VI "Pontificalis Romani recognitio", of July 18, 1968, the ordination of bishops and priests by Archbishop Lefebvre is not only illegal but also invalid. This view is shared among others by a relevant member of the "Doctrinal Commission", Karl Josef Becker, SJ, now a cardinal.

As Rorate points out, this is simply stupid and most likely a lie. Unless, of course, Cardinal Becker went completely insane in the last little while.

With such a scandalous decision, Pope Benedict would, in his overall regretted isolation, be even more separated from the People of God. The classical doctrine regarding schism should be a warning to him.

When was the last time Kung referenced the "classical doctrine" on anything? This one segment alone is like something from a theological version of MAD Magazine.

According to it, a schism of the Church happens when there is separation from the Pope, but also when the latter separates himself from the body of the Church. "Even the Pope could become a schismatic, if he will not guard the unity and communion proper to the whole body of the Church." (Francisco Suárez, major Spanish theologian of the 16th/17th centuries).

Holy smokes. Now Kung is quoting from one of the most prominent Thomists in the history of the Church. One  wonders why guys like Suarez are so reliable on this topic, yet Hans is willing to completely ignore them on, oh, just about everything else.

A schismatic pope loses his position according to that same teaching of the constitution of the Church. At least, he cannot expect obedience.

That's alright, Hans. I'm pretty sure Pope Benedict gave up on any expectations for your obedience a few decades ago.

Pope Benedict would be therefore encouraging the already widespread popular movement of "disobedience" against a hierarchy that is disobedient to the Gospel.

Wait a minute. If the hierarchy is already disobeying the Gospel, then aren't the people being disobedient to the hierarchy following the Gospel? If that's the case, shouldn't we rejoice over Pope Benedict fanning the flames of this disobedience to the disobedience of the Gospel?

Aren't there people who claim that Kung is some kind of genius? Other than  himself, I mean.

Instead of reconciling with the ultra-conservative, anti-democratic, and anti-Semitic SSPX, the Pope should rather care about the majority of reform-minded Catholics and reconcile with the churches of the Reformation and the entire ecumenical movement.

This point is really just an aside and the typical Kungian suck-up to faux ecumenism. However, I'm actually kind of happy he said this, as it's a not uncommon sentiment. The Holy Father actually brought it up in his 2009 letter on the SSPX issue. What unity is there to be had with the Reformed groups who don't even have a principle of unity to work from? There isn't a Pope of Wittenberg to have discussions with. Pope Benedict is working on the unity of THE CHURCH and making sure that this kind of situation  with the SSPX doesn't turn into a schism. Working piecemeal with Lutherans, Calvinists, etc. is a logistical impossibility, so why even bother?

Back to the main point, though, should we count this as some kind of sign the Apocalypse is upon us? I would suggest that somebody turn this into a weekly satire column, but nothing could ever top this entry. Let's just pray that Hans realizes just how ludicrous he's gotten over the years and repents of all the mischief he's wrought during that time.

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