Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Big Honking Deal

Take a look at this from Fr. Z:

The Archbishop of Colombo, Albert Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith Patabedinge would be ready to entrust the management and training of the seminarians of his Archdiocese to the SSPX. Such a step, according to the Cardinal would be possible if the SSPX is accepted and canonically erected. The The Cardinal expects this project to improve training of future priests. The reports come from the Roman Rite website Messa in latino.  

The District Superior of the SSPX in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Father BenoĆ®t Waillez made this known in a sermon last Sunday. He stressed that the motives, concerns and arguments of tradition begin to spread in the Catholic Church. 

Cardinal Ranjith Patabedinge was appointed by the Pope as Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments of the Roman Curia. Since June 2009 he is the Archbishop of Colombo in Sri Lanka and was made Cardinal in November 2010.

A Cardinal talking about having the SSPX run his seminary? Would this have even been an item of speculation a year ago, much less 1988? If anything, this is hopefully a sign to the SSPX that they do have people who would stick up for them upon their regularization. Cardinal Ranjith is a guy who probably isn't the sort to have just been joking (if the story is actually true, of course).

Keep praying for a positive conclusion to this matter.

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