Monday, May 14, 2012

There Is Nothing Wrong With The Society Of Jesus

Ask any Jesuit. He'll be more than happy to tell you that all is well. Or any person affiliated with a Jesuit school or other institution. Everything is fine, and the Society is just as strong, vibrant, and orthodox as it was in the days of Ignatius, Canisius, Bellarmine, etc. Things are perfectly ok and nobody can say otherwise. So feel free to ignore the following from CWN:

Three theologians who teach at Jesuit institutions--Paul Lakeland of Fairfield University, Daniel Maguire of Marquette University, and Frank Parella of Santa Clara University--blasted the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for its opposition to same-sex marriage.

“[Cardinal Timothy] Dolan and the United States Catholic Conference are misrepresenting ‘Catholic teaching,’ and are trying to present their idiosyncratic minority view as the ‘Catholic position,’ and it is not,” said Maguire in an e-mail. “The bishops will stand with Dolan and the US Catholic Conference, but on this issue, they are in moral schism since most in the Church have moved on [to] a more humane view on the rights of those whom God has made gay.”

There's more at the article, but I'm not going to bother reproducing it here. There's no need because we all know that there's nothing wrong with the Society. It's merely a coincidence that these are theologians from Jesuit institutions. So what if these guys just essentially declared the entire USCCB to be in some sort of theologically fabricated schism? They are Jesuits, so things must be ok.

Remain calm. All is well.

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Aged parent said...

"There is nothing wrong with the Society of Jesus"....that a good Inquisition couldn't cure.