Friday, May 25, 2012

Militia Est Vita Hominis Super Terram

Life in the Curia, too, apparently. It's just one more update on the long knives coming out behind the scenes at the Vatican. This new book coming out is apparently going to air a lot of the dirty laundry, especially as it pertains to the Secretariat of State. One more thing to distract Pope Benedict and try to throw him off. Oddly enough, all this reminds me of a recent comment from Bishop Fellay quoting the Holy Father:

To use the words of the Pope that describe the situation quite well: 'I know,' he said, 'that it would be easier both for the Society and for myself to leave the situation as it currently is.'

Yeah, I think that sums it all up pretty well. The current Successor of Peter probably would have had a much easier reign if he would have left a lot of the problems he's tackled alone. Lucky for us, he opted to take up the Cross.

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