Saturday, July 19, 2008

Damien Thompson Refutes the Lies and Damn Lies

And he doesn't even need a lame headline to do it.

Benedict is Encouraging Anglican Converts pretty much says it all.

Here's the basic point that folks are ignoring:

The Pope is supporting moves by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to construct a model whereby a group of rebel conservative Anglicans, the Traditional Anglican Communion, can be received en masse and occupy their own structures inside the Roman Catholic Church. This model – which is being constructed in secret – could serve as a blueprint for mainstream Anglicans wanting to convert as a group.

The very fact that it's the CDF that negotiates this stuff is significant. They want the folks coming in to actually be Catholic, rather than Anglicans just looking for a place with an all-male episcopate. This is a good thing, I think.

For those wondering about some old Ratzinger/Kaspar history on this very topic, Thompson walks us down memory lane:

Always remember: it was Cardinal Ratzinger who sent a personal message of support to conservative Anglicans meeting in Dallas in 2003, thereby horrifying Kasper – who, as a professional ecumenist, probably is unsympathetic to Anglo-Catholics rocking the boat. But he, thank God, is soon to retire.

Some of the comments on this article's site are wary of the Pope's actions in all this. My question is just what the hell else is he supposed to do? Pretend like none of this is happening? There is historic precedent for this sort of action. For example Eastern Catholics were allowed to maintain their liturgical traditions and theological perspectives so long as they were not heretical. Most of them still use the non-Filioque creed. No big deal.

The Successor of Peter cannot act in any other way but to try and receive these poor shipwrecked souls into the Church.

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