Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You leave for a few days and folks decide to commit denominational suicide.

Rowan & Co. finally decided to go all-in to further their pursuit of shattering the Anglican Communion. The Anglican slide has been pretty bad over the last few decades. They've gone from false priests to contraception to openly gay bishops to women bishops in little over a hundred years. From the Times:

The Church of England decided last night to consecrate women bishops, with minimum concessions to opponents and despite the threat of a mass exodus of traditionalist clergy.

After one of the most contentious debates faced by the Church’s General Synod, its members voted to allow the consecration of women bishops but rejected compromise proposals for new “super bishops”, who would have catered for the objectors.

The decisions, after more than six hours of debate, led to extraordinary scenes at the University of York, with one bishop in tears as he spoke of being “ashamed” of the Church of England.

Shame. Yes, I think that's probably a good word here. Rowan certainly seemed ashamed.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who urged generous provision for opponents, sat with his head in his hands as a proposal for “super bishops” for objectors to women bishops was defeated. The super bishops would have been an upgraded version of the “flying bishops” appointed to care for opponents of women priests.

We should all pray that the Anglican faithful caught up in this mess will be given the grace to return to the True Church and abandon the self-destructive path of their brethren here. For all you clergymen, especially, who actually cared about maintaining some measure of doctrinal purity all these years, please know that Holy Mother Church awaits you with open arms. According to Damian Thompson, there are many already prepping to swim the Tiber.

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