Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Influence on Display for All to See

Just a short time ago, I swapped out the main title picture above to a photo of Pope Pius XII and lamented the possibility that his beatification was being needlessly delayed because of a few people screaming their disapproval via ignorance or lies.

CatholicExchange has some positive news:

Stirrings in Rome suggest that the movement to beatify Pope Pius XII may be on its way to getting back on track. If so, it’s a development that fair-minded people should welcome.

Even so, the cardinals and bishops of the Vatican Congregation for Saints’ Causes last year voted to recommend that Pope Benedict formally recognize the wartime Pope’s heroic virtues and declare him “venerable.” Instead, Benedict XVI established a commission to examine new archival material and weigh the impact that beatifying him would have on Catholic-Jewish relations.

The article is very vague and doesn't give much in the way of solid details, but hey, at least people are talking about the injustice of the whole thing. Maybe people at the Vatican are beginning to come around to the idea that ignorance and lies shouldn't be allowed to smear a saint.

Or maybe Popin' Ain't Easy is asserting itself as a dominant force in the Catholic world and bishops are taking note of the awesome clout wielded by yours truly and the couple, nay dozens, of readers who visit here.

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Haskovec said...

It is like you gave it the Colbert Bump.