Saturday, July 26, 2008

Miraculous Cure for a Florida Baptist = Sainthood for Blessed Karl?

The Florida Catholic is on the scene:

Blessed Karl of Austria, also known as Charles I, Emperor of Austria, was the last of the Habsburg monarchs. He died in 1922. Known for a life of holiness and advocacy for peace, he was beatified in Rome in 2004.

Thousands of miles away in the Kissimmee area of central Florida, a woman, in her mid-50s, who received a diagnosis of breast cancer began what seemed an endless cycle of hospitalization and treatment. The cancer had metastasized to her liver and bones. Medical opinion deemed the disease terminal. She was bedridden. Nothing more could be done. Nothing more on earth, that is.

Soon, a network of prayer began, asking for heavenly intercession through Blessed Karl. One miracle has been attributed to him by the Vatican since his death, clearing the way for his beatification. A second miracle must be confirmed before he can be canonized.

Bottom line- she's recovered and none of the docs can figure out the how or why. I wonder if she'll be converting after this. Regardless, let's pray for the cause of Blessed Karl and hope that more people will come to know about him and the holy life he led.

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