Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jews Saved by Pius XII

According to Zenit, a group of Jews will be meeting with Pope Benedict to express their thanks for the Church's saving their lives during the Holocaust.

The Pave the Way foundation is bringing the group to visit the German Pontiff on June 18. It is just one initiative the foundation has undertaken to clear up misunderstandings about the Church and its role during the Holocaust.Another initiative is a September symposium on the papacy of Pope Pius XII.The Pave the Way foundation partnered with TV News Agency Rome Reports to videotape eye witness testimony. They uncovered secret activities of the Pope and members of the papal household to save the lives of Jews during the war.

Did anybody invite Cornwell and Wills? Will Foxman have the guts to even acknowledge this event's existence? Of course not. Slander is so much easier. For some wild reason, I don't see these guys having the courage to admit to shoddy scholarship, intellectual dishonesty, calumny, lies, and so forth. But hey, the truth is being told by those directly affected by it, so we can be happy about that and continue to pray for Pius XII's cause.

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