Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rowan's Regrets

Damien Thompson has provided some great insights on the collapse of the Anglican communion. Just wanted to point everyone here his way, as his latest effort is an analysis of Rowan's endeavors to redefine "going wobbly" for the current generation.

The immense damage done to the Archbishop of Canterbury during Monday night's debate on women priests is still sinking in. Dr Rowan Williams had not intended to speak, but he was so alarmed by the lack of provision for traditionalists in the code of practice that he appealed to Synod members to reject it. They ignored him.

It was as if a Prime Minister, having quietly supported a piece of legislation in the Commons, suddenly lost his nerve, appealed to the House to change its mind, and was then rebuffed. Even Gordon Brown has yet to chalk up that sort of disaster.

Well said.

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