Monday, July 21, 2008

The Ultimate Goal of Ecumenism

Ecumenical work, the Pope continued, involves not merely an exchange of ideas but, more importantly, an exchange of gifts. Ultimately, he insisted, the effort "points toward a common celebration of the Eucharist, which Christ entrusted to his apostles as the sacrament of the Church's unity par excellence."

That's right. If it's not headed towards the full communion of the Eucharist, it's not going anywhere. That means no heresy, no schism. To be less blunt is to be disrespectful of other beliefs and a traitor to Christ.

Patting ourselves on the back for agreeing that God is a Trinity is sound and fury signifying nothing. It doesn't matter how many times we buy the world a Coke and sing kumbaya, until the major differences are frankly discussed, it is all worthless. And of course, the only real resolution is what the Pope is emphasizing in the CWN article. One Eucharist for One Flock under One Shepherd.

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