Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nun Caught Participating in Heretical Gathering is Punished

From the National Catholic Reporter:

The archdiocese of St. Louis authorized the video recording of a Catholic women’s ordination ceremony that took place in a synagogue last November. It then used the video, along with photographs apparently taken from the video, as evidence to punish a Catholic nun who attended the liturgy, according to several people familiar with the case.


Sister of Charity Louise Lears was forced out of all church ministerial roles and banned from receiving sacraments within the archdiocese by an edict of St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke announced June 26.

Tragic that it came to this, but more than appropriate.

However, several people familiar with the documents, prepared by the archdiocese that made up the case against her, strongly criticized what they called the “surveillance” video-taping.

#1 Big deal.
#2 I guess this makes her heresy ok, then, right?

“It was a surveillance video. That’s exactly what it was,” said Sean Collins, a co-pastoral associate of Lears at St. Cronan Parish until he resigned July 2nd, in part, he said, to speak about what he says has been a grave injustice taken against Lears.

What about the injustice done to Christ when a woman consecrated to Him commits spiritual adultery by supporting heretics?

Here's what we've come to. Folks are more worried about how evidence of heresy was gathered due to some sort of mythical "right" of the heretic, rather than the fact that this woman broke a solemn oath to Christ and decided to support the actions of a group of heretics. A hint about justice for these people. Justice is rendering to someone what they are due. Think about that the next time you throw around words like "injustice" in situations like this one.

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