Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bishop Lori of Bridgeport on ND/Obama (What is the Condemnation Count Now?)

Bishop Lori of Bridgeport, CT is the latest to join the fast-growing list of bishops who are blasting ND for the Obama invite. The diocesan newsletter is here and gives his comments:

Notre Dame extended this invitation unilaterally, seemingly without regard for the consequences for the mission of the Catholic Church in the United States. It is contrary to the efforts of bishops, parish priests, and laity to resist the anti-life decisions, policies, and legislation promoted by the Obama administration.

Also of interest is that Bishop Lori has been put in a similar position to that of Bishop D'Arcy by Sacred Heart University, which has chosen to honor a pro-choice activist at its Scholarship Dinner. He's the chairman of the board and has to tolerate this? Anyways, he won't be attending. I'd really like to know who made this decision.

We, the laity, are an embarassment to God.

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