Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bishop Robert Lynch of Tampa Blogs Re: ND/Obama

I wish my bishop had a blog.

Anyways, here's His Excellency's comments on the commencement invite:

Finally, Notre Dame University has created quite a stir by announcing that at the Spring Commencement ceremony they have invited President Barack Obama to give the graduation address and receive an honorary doctor of laws degree.

Grrr. It's the University of Notre Dame.

It is a very prestigious platform to offer a President who is leading the battle for an expansion of abortion rights which may ultimately end up being unparalleled in recent history. Early “markers” are not encouraging in this regard but hope needs to spring eternal . . .

I wholeheartedly agree.

[W]hile Notre Dame may have acted way too early and too generously, I am more alarmed that the rhetoric being employed is so uncivil and venomous that it weakens the case we place before our fellow citizens, alienates young college-age students who believe the older generation is behaving like an angry child and they do not wish to be any part of that, and ill-serves the cause of life.

I wish His Excellency would have given some elaboration on what he considers the "uncivil" and "venomous" rhetoric involved here. The strongest denuncations I've seen are coming from his brother bishops. The laity seem to have been more shocked and saddened than anything else. The bishops are ticked off.

As to the young college crowd, they might think exactly as Bishop Lynch suggests. My response to that is that this is probably the first time in their lives that they can remember such a strong stand being taken for the teachings of the Church. It's a jolt for them and one that's much-needed given the Gallup numbers previously discussed. This is serious stuff and young Catholics need to realize the Faith isn't some sort of cultural social club.

Bishop Lynch closes on a pretty depressing note re: Bishop D'Arcy:

I am especially sad for Bishop John D’Arcy, bishop of the diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend in which Notre Dame is located. For almost two decades he has supported the University and loved the University, even when he felt it necessary to correct the University privately which I can assure you he did. Now in the waning days of his tenure as bishop there, he is told of the invitation shortly before its public announcement and in words clearly laced with pain has had to announce that he will choose not attend the final commencement of his time as bishop. What sadness for this good man as well.

I'm glad Bishop Lynch brought this up. Does it strike anyone else that the ND administration knew how D'Arcy would react and basically sprang this on him sort of last minute? It certainly comes off that way.

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