Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Is a Baby Like a Rapist?

Creative Minority Report fills us in with a frankly inhuman bit of work from a Cornell Law Professor named Sherry Colb. I have long advocated that all Ivy League universities be put to the torch and the ground sown with salt. Ms. Colb provides excellent justification for my views.

One might argue, as some pro-life advocates have, that there is no meaningful difference between what Gonzalez did and what an abortion provider does, because in both cases, a fetus is killed. This argument, however, ignores one of the main premises of the right to abortion – the bodily-integrity interest of the pregnant woman. Particularly at the later stages of pregnancy, the right to abortion does not protect an interest in killing a fetus as such. What it protects instead is the woman's interest in not being physically, internally occupied by another creature against her will, the same interest that explains the right to use deadly force, if necessary, to stop a rapist. Though the fetus is innocent of any intentional wrongdoing and the rapist is not, the woman's interest in repelling an unwanted physical intrusion is quite similar.

I wouldn't advise reading the rest, and I'm not going to link it here. It is lunacy of the sort that can only be found from an Ivy Leaguer.

Maybe ND will consider her for the Laetare Medal?

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