Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Bishops Continue to Line Up on the Obama/ND Flap: Bishop Listecki is Next

That makes two bishops from Wisconsin (Madison and now La Crosse). I wonder what the political atmosphere is like there for Catholics. Most stories I've heard about Sconsin don't paint what I'd cipher as a very pro-life picture.

Regardless, the fact that two shepherds from the state have come forward on this is definitely a positive. His Excellency's words:

The University of Notre Dame recently invited President Obama to give this spring's commencement address and to receive an honorary degree in law. This invitation was extended in spite of President Obama's continual offenses against the sanctity of human life through his executive actions and appointments since taking office.

Continual offenses against the sanctity of human life. I wish he would have continued and added "and God Almighty."

The decision of the President of Notre Dame to ignore the Bishops and to give both a platform and an honor to President Obama is indefensible. And so I raise my voice along with many of my brother Bishops, as well as the faithful who have been deeply scandalized.

He closes with a request that Fr. Jenkins rescind the invitation. Has ND even attempted a response since the initial press release or whatever it was? I haven't seen anything but admit that this is something I could have easily missed amongst all the loud condemnation.

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Haskovec said...

I would suspect LaCrosse is a very pro-life area. It is about an hour from where I grew up. Small town fairly conservative. Madison on the other hand I would guess not so much.