Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Good Bishop News (not ND related, I Promise!)

If you'll recall, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas (not to be confused with the other Sabellius) was instructed by her bishop not to receive Holy Communion. We discussed this story here. Gov. Sebelius is now up for the Cabinet post of Secretary of Health and Human Services. Should she get the job, this would place her Mass-going under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, DC.

According to this CNA report, Archbishop Wuerl is going to uphold his brother bishop's decision on this matter:

If Sebelius’ nomination as HHS Secretary is accepted and she moves to Washington D.C., she will face the same request to not receive Communion. According to the Washington Times, Archbishop Naumann contacted Archbishop Wuerl and informed him of the discussions he had held with Gov. Sebelius. A spokesman for Archbishop Wuerl, confirmed to the Washington Times that church officials in Washington would support Naumann’s admonition and act accordingly.

This is all very good news and will hopefully be the start of a trend.

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