Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's a Miracle! Something Good Came From Oprah!

Naturally, it was all completely unintentional.

If you have any exposure to Oprah's every day drivel, then you've probably at least heard of her occasional guest, Dr. Mehmet Oz. This guy just achieved the rare (perhaps unprecedented) distinction of being a positive influence that has gained exposure from an Oprah appearance.

The subject of this particular episode was apparently Parkinson's, as Michael J. Fox was there as well. For those who don't know, Mr. Fox has been advocating the use of human beings as spare parts via embryonic destruction for some time now.

Josh Brahm from Science Matters gives his take of this on YouTube. I found the write-up for this on National Catholic Register. In a nutshell, Doc Oz tells Oprah and Fox that the stem cell debate is "dead." Why? Because they can amount to cancer and we are getting the big breakthroughs on adult stem cells. Here's the clip with Mr. Brahm:

Question: Does Oprah look remotely happy about Doc Oz airing this bit of wonderful news? I think she looks like someone punched her in the gut.

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