Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Couple of More Bishops Speaking Up on Obama/ND

First, you've got Bishop Barbarito of Palm Beach's letter to Fr. Jenkins.

Other decisions of the University in past years have tarnished the clarity of the University’s Catholic identity. However, the present one gives rise to grave concern as to what message University is giving to the Catholics of our nation when it honors a public figure who, regardless of his office as President and the good work he wishes to accomplish, stands so strongly against already acted contrary to the Church's moral teaching on the right to life of the unborn.

While a step back from some of the harsher rhetoric we've seen lately, the focus is clearly shifting to more than just the Obama deal. Folks are beginning to bring up the fact that ND has been screwing up stuff way before this. Jenkins's move here just took it to the next level. Also of note, the continuing drumbeat as to what exactly ND sees as its mission in the world.

Returning to the more strident verbage we've become accustomed to, Bishop Stika of Knoxville is most displeased with the invitation:

As a Catholic, I am embarrassed by this gesture of the University of Notre Dame. It is fine to honor an individual because of his accomplishments, but can one seriously believe that it is in keeping with the teachings of Jesus to honor someone who is so powerful and influential that innocent and pure human life is in danger of death? It might be simplistic, but so often when I am confronted by moral decisions, I reflect on “what would Jesus do.” For the life of me, I cannot explain how anyone can justify the horrible destruction of human life.

The better question is how does Obama justify his stance given that, by professing his ignorance as to when life begins, he admits the possibility that he is promoting murder.

The president’s approach to abortion rights, embryonic-stem-cell research, and other issues is not in keeping with the teachings of our Catholic faith. It seems that the University of Notre Dame has abandoned its Catholic identity in this matter. I feel that it is embarrassing and shameful.

Too bad shame got ditched about the time Jenkins caved on the Vagina Monologues issue or maybe we would be seeing a different outcome here.

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David said...

It appears that many Domers would be fine with abandoning the Catholic faith if the bishop exerts any pressure on the university. Maybe they could tear down the basilica and build center for world peace and relativistic understanding.

Dear Fr Sorin,

Shove it.

Notre Dame alumi