Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fresh From Firing His Diocesan Heretic, Bishop Morlino Takes On the ND/Obama Issue

I think my first post about Bishop Morlino was this one regarding his termination of a heretical layperson who refused to recant.

Now, he's taken the Obama issue and turned it against the laity. As is absolutely necessary for anyone to understand what's really going on here.

As for Obama speaking at Notre Dame, Bishop Morlino noted that President Obama is not a Catholic, and as President of Notre Dame, he would NOT have invited Obama to speak. But while Obama is not Catholic, he is still bound by the natural law of human reason, a concept that has not only escaped Obama, but the majority of Catholics in the pews who elected him President. "It's hard to hold President Obama accountable to a standard of understanding of the natural laws that most Catholics can't comprehend. We have to do a better job of teaching the natural law."

The reason we've gotten here in the first place is because Catholics have surrendered to modernity and ditched their Faith. Maybe Bishop Morlino is right and the fault belongs with the American Church for not teaching as they should have. I'd suggest that the laity bear some culpability here as well, though, since most don't seem to care even when they are being taught. How many times did JPII hammer on the issues of abortion and contraception? What percentage of American Catholics decided to take him seriously?

Of course, I guess you could say that such Catholics got that way because they weren't being taught for so long, but then you get into a sort of chicken/egg dispute. Let's all just try to do better.

The shpiel from Bishop Morlino is part of a much bigger article from Catholic Citizens of Illinois. He goes into a lot more detail regarding natural law and such, so it's worth reading the whole thing.

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