Monday, April 6, 2009

Bishop Nickless from Sioux City, IA on ND/Obama

CatholicOnline brings us yet another shepherd expressing his dissatisfaction over the Obama invitation. Bishop Nickless had this as part of a larger article, but it's pretty direct and makes it clear that he's not real happy:

I know many of you join me in surprise and anger that the University of Notre Dame - which for many is “the” example of a Catholic University - through its president, Father John Jenkins, has invited the most pro-abortion president of the United States not only to give the commencement address this year, but also to receive an Honorary Law Degree. . .

This is truly a sad day for the famous university dedicated to our Blessed Mother. . .

Catholic institutions of higher learning must always be places where the Catholic values we hold so dearly will always be supported and promoted - not where the culture of death is allowed to be honored or valued. Let us pray for those who work so hard to keep our Catholic institutions truly Catholic in all they do to promote the gospel of life.

And this is where I've found my thoughts drifting more and more amongst all this. What exactly are the Catholic values left at ND? There is a strong emphasis on service, sure. What distinguishes that emphasis from the sort of humanism mentioned by Bishop Doran? I'm not sure I know anymore, as there seems to be little or no mention of the Faith or the obligations that go along with it.

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