Sunday, April 12, 2009

Did Your Parish Have a Lot of Converts?

This is the first year I can recall for a long time that my parish will not have any. I am very sad, as it's converts that have kept my little church going for pretty much its whole history.

What is everyone else seeing?

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Jane said...

We went first to the Easter Vigil at our Roman parish. They had four baptisms plus one convert to be confirmed. They also mentioned that there were two others in the RCIA program who were raised Catholic but had never been confirmed--they will be confirmed by the bishop next month.

After that, we went to Matins and Divine Liturgy at the Russian Catholic parish, and they had one person received into the Church. He must have been coming over from Orthodoxy, I guess, because he recited the Creed but was not baptized or chrismated.